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Ship & Propeller Problems

Q: What is propeller diameter?
A: Back when the wing tips of the propeller diameter circle is created.

Q: Propeller pitch 'What is i? How do I measure?
A: Considering that as part of a screw propeller blades of the slope of a long screw is round. Pitch size towards the wing tips of the propeller hub may be different, such as water and water output scramble among the edges may be different. Gürmarin this case, but in particular can be detected with a digital voltmeter. Effective diameter and pitch size manufacturing hub of the propeller is being written to.

Q: What is the propeller cavitation?
C: The water in the region of low pressure in the rotating propeller of the water into gas is causing erosion on the surface of the propeller.

Q: Is Propeller diameter in the selection, pitch is more important?
A: Both are important, because normally the type of boat, weight, intended use and according to HP machines have one ideal propeller. Unfortunately, variable pitch control to be installed or the propeller of the boat or the boat must be designed according to the state.

Q: Propeller pitch 'i can be changed?
A: Yes, it is called modification or reconditioning. Propeller pitch in 15% in the bronze propeller Gürmarin up to 5% may be increased or reduced.

S: 60 cm in diameter, 41 cm pitch 'li a propeller were calculated. But it does not fit on the boat instead.Smaller, larger pitch 'li a propeller provides the same yield Do you?
C: Efficiency without falling pitch diameter can not replace. Diameter poles as power, speed and speed are linked. Diameter by decreasing pitch in to increase, although the machine keeps the same even if the load transfer efficiency and performance will cause some to fall.

Q: Why do I have to prop my dynamic balance?
A: Many high-quality and high-speed propellers fitted to speed boats in addition to the static balance as a balance must be dynamic. Static balance and 3-wing than most wide-blade propeller is not enough of. This disturbing vibration and erosion of deposits in a short time due to olacaktır.Gürmarin at each propeller manufactured dynamically balanced ta is.

Q: What is electrolysis? Why are caused? How to prevent?
C: salt water in a liquid conductor, such as with the different electrical conductivity of the electrical conductivity of metal occur more than the liquid flows. That it causes corrosion of metal electro-erosion as a result. The way to avoid contact with metal will be protected with adequate amounts of water in the zinc (spelter) to place. Electricity flows through this element will create a renewed from time to time are required to wear and they will melt.

Q: Why bronze propeller becomes pink?
C: Bronze material formed as a result of galvanic corrosion due to electrolysis of zinc pink color to be lost causes. Pink color is copper. Solution is to clean up damaged thickness. Problems can be repaired and deepening is not enough to protect road and in the right place with materials such as spelter is katotik protection.

Q: How far to the boat propeller and the wing tips should be?
C: The distance between the body of the boat with the propeller, wing tips depending on the speed but ideal as a boat propeller diameter should be at least up to 15%. Be less annoying as the propeller efficiency will reduce the noise and vibration will also cause.

Q: Fans can be inserted and removed while heating?
A: The red color on the bronze propeller Hayır.Özellikle heating material in the cracks and breaks to take a hammer and is the reason for removing olabilir.İdeali.

Q: The same power, length, width and weight performance are different from the boats?
C: Because the boat engine and boat performance at the center of gravity over the place are very effective.

Q: Are Fans of my right as the left-turn How can I do?
A: Look at the back of the boat when the boat is taken forward in the direction of the needle while rotating propeller clock is right-turn. If unraveled and if you are close to the propeller blades in the high side if right-turn right, left if the left is reflexive.

Q: My dirty problems Fans will you?

C: Kekamoz contaminated with algae and propeller vibration, speed and speed to drop and cause increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the difference is to clear the propeller as provide savings and performance improvements.

Q: Does increase in propeller efficiency in the polishing?

C: Wing attitude to prevent the water from the brightness even if very little fuel at speeds of 5% up to savings made in Fans sağlar.Gürmarin dynamically balanced after manufacturing process also are subject super polishing.

Q: How much force do my engine?

C: Continuous use should not exceed 80% of the maximum load transfer.

Q: How do I save fuel do I make my boat?

C: Gaza load. 10% of the reduction in the fuel rate of 25%, 20% speed 50% less saving.

Q: What's right for my boat, how do I choose the appropriate prop?

C: Propeller calculation, the final computer programs, as well as experience requires. You can do the right boat and machine information Gürmarin 'e is to communicate. Your boat propeller that best suits your purpose and production will be calculated by our engineers in every stage of using digital and computerized machines to the final results. Each production can be reported, are stored for later needs.

Q: My machine and the black smoke does not make the maximum speed. What is the cause and solution?

C: came time to overhaul your engine, or even better, six of your boat is dirty. If your propeller is large and olabilir.Tekne machine according to information Gürmarin 'made at the account and diameter can be identified with the result of certain causes and / or pitch can be made to reduce and close to ideal.

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